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Carbonara’d Garlic Scape Pesto


I know another pesto recipe? This one deviates from the previous one in that its main component is garlic scapes rather than basil. Garlic scapes are the stems from garlic plants and they’re delicious. Most abundant in early summer at farmers markets but usually found year round in asian markets. They spicy, fresh, and of …

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Tears of the Sun Pork Belly


Pork belly braised in cider, pears served with a pea puree, cucumber pear salad, chicharones and yogurt foam. If you’ve never made pork belly before – be warned, its a lot of work. When done properly its a three day long labor of love that you’re either going to find so rewarding you’ll be making …

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“Beef and Broccoli”


Beef and broccoli, the old Americanized Chinese food takeout classic. Its never been bad but come on, its never been really good either – until now. We’ve got short ribs, an emulsified broccoli sauce and crispy fried rice to transform these familiar flavors into something that is far too good to be ordered by the …

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Guinness Pot Pie with Bone Marrow Herbed Crust.

pot pie

At every point in a career you have something that you’re most proud of, a website, a song; in this case, a recipe. At one point in time it was my ribs then it was an asian kale salad and now in this moment its this pot pie and its all because of the bone …

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Too Much Mushroom Ravioli


This is one of those awesome dishes that enables you to do dam near everything yourself. Aside from milling the four, laying the eggs and growing the produce, this dish will be 100% yours, you will have control over everything. Its going to be a time consuming endeavor and if you’ve never made ravioli or …

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Chicken Etouffe


I love the food of New Orleans. I love the City of New Orleans. I love the metal of New Orleans. You hear about America being a melting pot of cultures all the time, but that saying only reaches its true meaning in New Orleans where cultures and peoples have mixed to create something truly …

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St Louis Ribs (in about an hour)

Inside Smoking

This is a replication of the ribs that got me into the top three on MasterChef’s pork challenge. Obviously these ribs should be slow cooked for hours for optimal flavor, but with the proper techniques we can make these pretty damn awesome without taking our whole day off to do so.


Oefs En Gougere

Oefs en Gougere

A gougere is basically a douchey way to say popover and it was probably my best moment on MasterChef. It was my submission for the French themed invention test and it earned me a top two out of 16 people, making me a team captain in the cafeteria challenge. This idea for this dish came from …

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Whole Grilled Spanish Mackerel with a Tomato Caper Sauce

Grilled Mackerel

Mackerel is not a fish I eat a lot, not for any particular reason, its just not something I normally gravitate to. This week however, the fish market has some gorgeous and amazingly fresh whole ones for a great price and I just couldn’t pass up their bright silvery skin and pale yellow spots. Musical …

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Homemade Fennel Sausage

Homemade Fennel Sausage

Sausage is one of those foods that we take for granted. That is until we eat an amazing one. More often than not, that amazing sausage comes from someplace with a history like an old Italian pork store or butcher shop in your home town. A place where someone understands the art behind cased meat, …

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